How do I download the Google Authenticator app on my mobile device?

The first step you must complete to access your secure online screening account is to download the FREE Google Authenticator app on your mobile device (there is no subscription fee either).

The 2-Step Verification provides stronger security for your account by requiring a second step of verification when you sign in. Your account will not be accessible without the required code.

For the most reliable results, install the app on your phone rather than a tablet, since you'll need to always have your device with you whenever you are required to enter a code.

For iPhone Users
1. Click on the icon called "App Store" mceclip0.png
2. Type in "Google Authenticator" mceclip1.png
3. Select GET.

For Android users:

1. Click on the icon called "Google Play" mceclip2.png

2. Type in "Google Authenticator" mceclip1.png

3. Click Install.

Once you've downloaded the Google Authenticator app, click here for next steps on how to access your Secure Online Screening account.

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