I cannot purchase a course through PayPal. Can you help?

If you are receiving an error message to check your address when attempting to purchase an eLearning course through PayPal (this happens the odd time and the issue is with PayPal), or another error, you can purchase the course via an employer account since we use a different payment processor - Stripe.


If you are an employer, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Login to your employer account here.
If you don't have an employer account, click here to sign up. It's free and will take you around 20 seconds to create it!

Step 2: Once you are logged in, select BUY CREDITS from the left-hand side of your employer dashboard. This will take you to our Products & Packages page.

Step 3: Scroll down part of the page and select the radial button besides the course you wish to purchase. You may need to scroll down a good part of the page to find the course or bundle.

If you are purchasing more than one course, scroll back up the page and type in the number of courses you wish to purchase. This field is located above the PROCEED button.

Step 4: Click PROCEEED.

Step 5: Enter your billing information, select Pay by credit card, and then click the Make Payment button.

Step 6: Enter your credit card information and submit.

Step 7: Once you've made the purchase, please email help@charityvillage.com and advise you purchased course(s) through your employer account and which one(s) you would like placed in your account.

If you purchased on behalf of a colleague, please indicate this along with your colleague's first and last name and email address so instructions on how to access the course(s) can be sent.

If you are not an employer, or you still cannot purchase course(s) through your employer account, please email help@charityvillage.com.



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