What is a job boost and how do I purchase it and/or apply my credit?

A job boost highlights your job on our Job Board and keeps it at the top of the results for the duration of your listing. It will have an orange border around it on the FIND ALL JOBS page and have the label "Featured" at the top right of it.


1. How to purchase a job boost at the time of creating your posting

To add a job boost while creating your job posting, select the POSTING TYPE first (e.g Nonprofit Job Posting, or For Profit Job Posting) which will then reveal the Job Boost option to select. Then continue creating your listing and submit it to go live.


2. How to purchase a job boost after your job posting has gone live and/or apply the job boost credit you just purchased

Step 1: Login to your CharityVillage employer account

Step 2: Select Buy Credits from the left-hand side of your dashboard (you might need to scroll down the page to see it).

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the Products & Packages page and select Job BOOST under the Job Posting Upgrades heading for your nonprofit job posting. If you are a for-profit, click "For Profit Job Boost).


Step 4: Scroll back up the page and click PROCEED to pay for your purchase (must use credit card).

Step 5: Once you've paid, please contact your local Account Manager to advise them of the purchase and the title of your job posting. They will ensure to apply the credit to the correct job posting (if you have more than one that is currently live on the job board).

Account Managers Contact Information

Danielle Anderson - Metro Toronto and Western Canada

Julie Slipp - Central, Eastern and Western Canada


Office Hours: Monday - Friday, from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm ET 



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