What is the process for a candidate to complete an eReference check?

Step 1: Candidate Automated Email

A Candidate will receive an automated email after you have submitted the request. They must click  Review the Request button to proceed. If you choose to add a personal message when creating the eReference check, it will be displayed just above the button. ​

*For this tutorial, “CharityVillage Demo” is the organization requesting to submit details for a eReference. The name of the employer (that's you!) will appear in its place. "Samantha" and "Sammy" is the name of the Candidate in this example*


Step 2: Entering The Candidate Portal

The Candidate will be redirected to the Candidate Portal page. They will be asked to read some information, complete the fields marked with an *, and then click Continue.

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Step 3: The Candidate Portal - Personal Details

The Candidate is required to add their Personal, Contact, and Current Address information marked with an *. If the Candidate has been living at their current address for less than 2 years, they will need to fill out their previous address(s). Once they have finished filling in the required information, they click Continue to proceed to the next step.

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Step 4: Candidate Consent

The Candidate must read the consent form before proceeding. Once completed, they click the Sign to Continue button. A pop-up box will appear, requesting the candidate to add a digital signature (instructions are given on how to do this). Once added, the Candidate clicks Sign

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Step 5: Adding a Reference
At the top of the page, the candidate will see how many references you have requested. They just click the Add Reference button to input their reference's information.
Please Note: Candidate Identification 
IS NOT required for an eReference check

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Step 6: Inputting Reference Details

The candidate must enter a reference's information and fill out all required fields. When finished, they click Submit and their reference will receive an automated email inviting them to fill out the question sets. A text message will also be sent if the telephone field has been filled out.

If more than 1 reference has been requested, the Candidate will click Add Reference and will repeat the previous steps. The process for the candidate is complete once they have submitted the required number of references.

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Overview of steps required for an eReference check to be completed by a candidate's reference: 

  1. The Candidate's reference will receive an automated email with details on next steps.​
  2. They will be directed to the screening portal where they are required to add some personal details and complete the reference question set you selected. ​
  3. The reference is also required to read and accept the Terms Of Service before submitting the eReference check.​

*For this tutorial, “Sam Eref Test” is the Candidate requesting to complete the question set for a eReference. The name of your Candidate will appear in its place. "Samantha Schofield" is the name of the Candidate's Reference in this tutorial*

A.                                          B.                                                C. 

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Have you not received a completed eReference check? Here are some common reasons why:

  1. They candidate has not received the automated email to consent to the eReference check.​
  2. The consent has not been completed.​
  3. The candidate has not added their references.​
  4. The incorrect contact information was added for the reference.​
  5. The reference has not received the automated email or has yet to open it.​
  6. The candidate has not followed up with their reference to complete the question sets.​

For more information and guidance on eReferences, please contact samantha@charityvillage.com or check out our Help Desk articles on our background screening tools.


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