What is the process for a candidate to complete a criminal record check?

Step 1: Candidate Automated Email

A Candidate will receive an automated email after you have submitted the request. The Candidate must click Review TheRequest button.


*For this tutorial, “CharityVillage Demo” is the organization requesting to submit details for a Criminal Record Check. The name of the employer (that's you!) will appear in its place. *


Step 2: Entering The Candidate Portal

The Candidate is redirected to the Candidate Portal page. They will be asked to read some information, complete the fields marked with an *, and then click Continue.

blobid1.jpg     blobid2.png


Step 3: The Candidate Portal - Personal Details 

The Candidate is required to fill out all their Personal, Contact, and Current Address information marked with an *. If the Candidate has been living at their current address for less than 2 years, they will need to fill out their previous address(s). ​

The Candidate can proceed by clicking Continue.

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Step 4: Candidate Consent

The Candidate must read the consent form before proceeding. The example of consent on the left is for the Enhanced Criminal Record Check. The Candidate must declare any past criminal convictions and add the City and Province where they electronically signed.

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Step 5: Signing the Consent Form

Once completed, the candidate will click Sign to Continue. A pop-up box will appear, requiring the Candidate to add a digital signature (instructions are provided on how to input this signature) and then click Continue to proceed to the next step. 

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Step 6: Uploading Identification

A box will appear called "Identity Verification". The candidate must click the Upload button to choose an Identity Document from the drop down menu, input the Document Number (#), and upload a clear photo of the front side of their ID. Once completed, they click Submit.

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Step 7: Verifying Identification 

The next step is for the Candidate to verify the ID they uploaded. Until they click the Verify button, the status will stay as Not Verified. 

*For this tutorial, The 2 Pieces of ID the Candidate has uploaded is a "Drivers License" and a "Provincial or Territorial Health Card". The 2 pieces of ID and their document numbers will appear in its place. * 



Step 8: Once their ID has been verified, the Candidate has finished the process. The Criminal Background Search will begin!

How does a Candidate Verify their ID?

1. Electronic Identification (eID) - ​uses personal information collected by a Canadian Credit Bureau to verify a candidate’s identity. The Candidate will be required to answer a series of questions by the system.​

If the eID verification method fails, they will be asked to verify by the following:

2. LiveVideoID​​ - A Candidate will be connected with a Screening Canada team member Screening Canada team member who is authorized to verify the ID instantly over video chat. It will only take a few minutes. This can be done almost immediately unless they are attempting to verify outside of regular business hours. If this is the case, they may need to schedule a time.

haven't received a complete Criminal Background Check yet? Here are a few common 
reasons why: 

  1. The candidate has not received the automated email requesting their consent.
  2. The candidate has not yet filled out their consent.
  3. The required 2 pieces of ID have not been uploaded.
  4. The candidate has not verified their ID using eID or LiveVideoID

For more information and guidance on Criminal Background Checks, please contact Samantha Schofield at samantha@charityvillage.com or check out our help desk articles for our background screening services.

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