How do I submit my references electronically (eReference)?

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to submit your references electronically.

Please Note: the organization you applied to is using CharityVillage’s background screening tools services to conduct your reference checks. CharityVillage has partnered with Screening Canada to provide this service. For more information about Screening Canada, please click here.


Step 1: You will receive an email from CharityVillage asking you to click the Review the Request button to provide consent to the organization you applied to and CharityVillage to continue with your file.

We recommend reading the email and complete the request as soon as possible to avoid any delays in the hiring process. Be sure to notify your references (a.k.a referees) and advise they will receive an email requesting them to complete your reference check online.



* For this tutorial, “CharityVillage Demo” is the organization requesting you to submit eReferences. The name of the employer you applied to will appear in its place. *


Step 2: Adding details to your Candidate dashboard

At the top of your dashboard, you will see how many references have been requested by the organization you applied to. All references will be contacted via email.


Scroll down the page and select Add Reference. The information fields will then appear for you to fill in. Please make sure ALL details are filled in correctly before you click Submit.

One you click Submit; an email will be sent to your reference requesting for them to complete it.   If you happen to make a mistake while filling in the reference information, you have the option to remove the reference from your dashboard and start again. 

blobid2.png      blobid3.png

Step 3: Status of reference submitted

All references you create will have a status that says Awaiting Action, until it’s been completed and will be identified as Pending References.

To add another reference, click Add Reference located at the bottom right.



If your reference has not completed the request within 3 days of them receiving it, please follow up with them to complete it as soon as possible.

Once completed, it will appear in your employer’s account dashboard for review. If your employer requires any further information, they will contact you.


Still have questions?
For more information and guidance on Criminal Background Checks, please contact Samantha Schofield at or check out our help desk articles for our background screening services.


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