What are the potential responses I could see from a completed Basic or Enhanced Criminal Record Check for a candidate?


The Basic Criminal Record Check can be returned with the following responses and will show in the candidate's file when opened.

1. Clear/Negative 


A clear/negative response is returned when there is no criminal conviction information in the CPIC database matching the name and date of birth of the candidate. 

2. Unclear/Incomplete


When an unclear/incomplete response is returned, a potential match in information has been found and not declared or the candidate has not declared accurate conviction details.

There are two follow up options:

  1. The first option is to have a new file requested for the candidate and complete it again with added or updated declaration information. The candidate would then be able to receive a "Confirmation of Criminal Record" result if the information declared matches the CPIC database.

  2. The second option is to provide a Criminal Record Check certificate from their local police detachment. As the search is name and date of birth based, the possibility of having a similar name and date of birth can yield an unclear/incomplete result. To clarify this information, the candidate will need to visit their local police detachment. The candidate would then provide to the Screening Canada team the certificate for review of validity by uploading the document to their file. 

These options are based on the most common scenarios but reaching out via the RED chat button is recommended to find out which option would be best. 

3. Confirmation of Criminal Record 


Lastly, if confirmation of criminal record result is returned, this indicates that the candidate's declared conviction details are accurate and match the information found in the CPIC database. 



The Enhanced Criminal Record Check 

The Enhanced Criminal Record Search consists of using the provided name and date of birth to search the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) within the National Repository of Criminal Records for Canadian criminal convictions, plus local police records (PIP database) to flag for any outstanding entries such as charges, warrants, judicial orders, peace bonds, probation and prohibition orders (non-convictions). The entries that may be located through searching the local/PIP database cannot be disclosed by Police Services based on the Dissemination of Criminal Record Information Policy guidelines. When submitting results for an Enhanced Criminal Record Search, two results are populated:

  • Standard/Basic: Results/findings for criminal convictions in Canada.
    • Clear/Negative – no convictions found based on name and date of birth of the candidate.
    • Unclear/Incomplete – possible match to a criminal conviction where a declaration was not provided or provided inaccurately. 
    • Confirmation of Criminal Record – conviction information was declared by the candidate and has been confirmed with the findings in the police database.


  • Enhanced: Results/findings for outstanding criminal entries locally that have not resulted in a conviction in Canada.
    • Clear/Negative – no flagged information located at the local indices level.
    • Additional Check Recommended – flagged information located at the local level based on the name and date of birth of the candidate. As the details of the flagged information cannot be released by Police Services, the candidate is advised to go to their nearest local police detachment to get a Certified Criminal Record document (Level Two Check) to clarify any information relating to them.  

This document is also known as the Premium Criminal Record Check, Level 2 Check, Police Information Check (PIC), or Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC) in Canada. 

The Enhanced Criminal Record Check will flag:

(a) Criminal convictions from CPIC and/or local databases.
(b) Summary convictions, for five years, when identified.
(c) Findings of Guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act within the applicable disclosure period.
(d) Outstanding entries, such as charges and warrants, judicial orders, Peace Bonds, Probation, and Prohibition Orders. As per CPIC policy, information obtained from the Investigative Databank must be confirmed and authorized for release by the contributing agency.
(e) Absolute and Conditional discharges for 1 or 3 years respectively.

The Enhanced Criminal Record Check WILL NOT flag:

(a) Convictions where a record suspension has been granted.
(b) Convictions under provincial statutes.
(c) Local police contact.
(d) Ministry of Transportation information (PARIS).
(e) Special Interest Police (SIP) category of CPIC.
(f) Family Court restraining orders.
(g) Foreign information.
(h) A Vulnerable Sector (VS) Query of sex offenders with a record suspension to ascertain if the applicant has been convicted of and granted a record suspension for any of the sexual offences that are listed in the schedule to the Criminal Records Act (CRA). 
(i) Any reference to incidents involving mental health contact.
(j) Diversions will not be released as police contact and no reference to the occurrence is permitted (CC S. 717.4).
(k) Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) information beyond applicable disclosure period. 
(l) Any reference to contagious diseases.
(m) Dispositions including, but not limited to, Withdrawn, Dismissed, and cases of Not Criminally Responsible by Reason of Mental Disorder.


Enhanced Criminal Record Check can be returned with the following responses:

1. Clear/Negative


A clear/negative response is returned when there is no additional information found in the local indices and other authorized databases that match the name and date of birth of the candidate. 


2. Unclear/Additional Check Recommended


When an enhanced criminal record search is returned with an unclear/additional check recommended result, the candidate is advised to go to their local police detachment and obtain a Level 2 Criminal Record Check (aka Police Information Check or Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check). Once this certificate has been obtained, the candidate can connect with Screening Canada via the red CHAT button found in the account they created when they consented to the criminal record check. This document will indicate if the candidate’s file is clear or if there are outstanding entries such as probation orders or judicial orders related to their name and date of birth.

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