How do I access an eLearning course and the additional resources after I passed the final exam?

To access an eLearning course and the additional resource(s) after you passed the final exam, please follow the steps below.

Please Note: you cannot access the course and additional resource(s) if the course access period has expired.


Step 1: Click on COMPLETED LEARNING at the top of your eLearning dashboard. If you can't remember how to access the eLearning side of your account when you login, click here


Step 2: Click on the course title under ALL PASSED COURSES.




Step 3: Scroll down the page and the first resource in the list will always be the file you open to re-launch the eLearning course.

Any file(s) that follow will be the additional resource(s) that come with the course. 

If you see a message that says "The deadline for this course has passed..." this means the 3 month access period you had to access the course, has expired.



Step 4: To download the additional resources to your computer, click on the title of each file/resource to open it up (refer to first screen shot below). Then select Download Content. This is located at the top left of the opened resource (refer to second screen shot below).



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