I can't upload my resume. What do I do?

If you are attempting to upload your resume and it's not working, we recommend trying the following:

Step 1: Remove any periods (.) or hyphens (-) from your document name.

Example of incorrect file name: Sarah.Smith Resume
Acceptable file name: Sarah Smith Resume

Step 2: Clear your browser cache.

When you visit different websites, your browser collects 'cookies' in the background which can affect its performance. This is why it's recommended you clear your browser cache often. 

Please Note: clearing your browser cache does not refer to clearing your browser history, therefore if you're not sure how to do this, just follow the instructions in the links below corresponding to the browser you using.

Click on the browser name below to redirect to instructions on how to clear your cache:

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge

Step 3: Try a different browser on your computer

Step 4: Restart your device


If you've tried the above and it's still not working, please email help@charityvillage.com with your resume file and we will help you!


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