Why is the Apply button not working?

If you click the orange APPLY button on a posting and nothing happens, it likely means that your email address is associated with an EMPLOYER account and not a JOBSEEKER account. Employer accounts cannot apply for jobs or volunteer listings.

Therefore, you have two options:
1. Create a jobseeker account with a different email address so you can apply for the position.

2. Email our National Help Desk (help@charityvillage.com) and request for your employer account to be deleted so you can create a jobseeker account with your email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to keep your employer account, then you need to provide us with a new email address to attach to it.

If you have a jobseeker account and you cannot apply for the position, please email help@charityvillage.com or call 1-800-610-8134.

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