How do I send a criminal record check and/or electronic reference check?

1. Login to your CharityVillage employer account and click Background Screening Tools from the menu on the left hand side.


2. The pop up you see is a reminder that if you create and submit a background check and/or eReference check to be sent, you will be billed for each service you use. You will not be billed to view the platform or if you start a criminal record check and/or eReference check and never submit it. 

Click Okay on the pop up to be directed to your Background Screening Tools dashboard.


eReference Check (per candidate, up to 5 references) $21.00

Basic Criminal Record Check with identity verification $24.00

Enhanced Criminal Record Check with identity verification $29.00



2. Click +Candidate at the top right of your dashboard.



3. Enter the candidate information.

Reason for Request- Select EMPLOYMENT if you are hiring for a paid position. If this is for an unpaid volunteer position, select VOLUNTEERING.

Language - Select the language you wish the consent to be appear in.

Reference (optional) - We recommend adding the job title in this field and any other relevant information that will help you know which position you created the consent for.

First Name - Enter the first name of the candidate.

Last Name - Enter the last name of the candidate.

Email - Enter the email address of the candidate you would like the consent to be emailed to.

Phone (optional) - Enter the phone number of the candidate. 

Once you're finished, click NEXT.


4. Search Options

The Search Options page is where you select what type of check(s) you wish to complete with the candidate.

For this example, we will select Enhanced Criminal Reference Check with identity verification and E-reference check.

MESSAGE field - You are given the option to add your own personal message which will be included with the general message that is emailed to the candidate. This is optional.

The second screen shot below shows what messaging the candidate receives. If you choose to add a message in the MESSAGE field when creating your criminal record check, it will appear above the Review the Request button as a second paragraph.


Email Candidate Receives



IMPORTANT: Since Eref (Electronic Reference Check) was chosen for this example, there will be an ADDITIONAL OPTIONS page which allows you to select the number of references the candidate must provide (1-5) and which question set you will send. Just click the downward arrow for each field to make your selection. Once you've finished, click NEXT.


All our eReference Questions are pre-set. To download and review our 5 available question sets before selecting them on the Screening Services Platform, please click here.

5. Order Summary

This page summarizes the option(s) you have chosen.

To submit the request, click SUBMIT and that's it!

You can always click the BACK button to see the previous information you entered or, if you want to cancel, click CANCEL.



6. The request has now been sent to the candidate and you are brought back to your dashboard.

You will notice that the request appears in your dashboard with a AWAITING CONSENT status. This will change once the candidate has completed the request.



Have questions? Please call 1-888-660-2424 or email

Already have a background Screening Account? You can also chat to a ScreeningCanada Team Member by clicking the Red Chat Button
 located on the Files Dashboard

Chat Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 9:00 pm EDT
Saturday and Sunday - 10:00 am - 6:00 pm EDT


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