How do I access my background screening tools for the first time?

The first step is for a CharityVillage staff member to add your organization and contact information into our system. If you need this completed, please contact your local Territory manager. Their information can be found here!

1. Once you have been set up by CharityVillage, you will automatically receive the following email for you to activate your account. You must click the Set Your Password button, OR copy and paste the URL from the email into your browser.

If you run into any issues doing either, please click "contact our customer success team" in the email and someone will help you gain access.



2. Type your password in the field and click SIGN IN.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The password you create in this step can be whatever you like and does NOT have to be the same as your CharityVillage account password. This step is only to authenticate your account, but going forward, you will be accessing your background screening tools through your CharityVillage employer dashboard (refer to screen shots below).


3. You will see a message that tells you your password was set successfully. This means your account has now been authenticated.

Although you can sign into your account from this page, to ensure your account has been set up properly, please sign into your CharityVillage employer account here!


4)  Once you are logged in, click Background Screening Tools located to the left hand side of your dashboard. You will be re-directed to your background screening tools dashboard. 


5) You will notice the dashboard is separated into two main categories In Progress and With Client. 

In Progress category has 4 buckets:

1. In progress – This is the sum of all “In progress” buckets where any file that is pending processing will show here.

2. With Candidate – files in this bucket are waiting for the candidate to complete an action. This action could be providing profile information, granting consent, and completing identity verification.

3. With Vendor – Files in this bucket are being processed. There is one exception, if a candidate has not completed identity verification, the file can display in this bucket; this would be the only case a file is not actively being processed if displayed in the With Vendor bucket.

4. Attention Required please contact for further action. Samantha will connect with a ScreeningCanada team member to reset the file and look into the issue.

With Client category has 3 buckets:

5. Complete – Once all searches on a candidate file(s) have been completed, the file will land in this bucket.

6. Reviewed – Once any user on your account reviews a completed file by clicking the file number in the “Review File” column, the file will then move to this bucket.

7. Closed – Files can be closed by following these instructions:
i) Access the candidate file by clicking the file number in the “Review File” column.
ii) Once redirected to the candidates file overview page, look to the top right-hand corner and click on the Tools button. A drop-down menu will appear.
iii) Select Close
to move the file to the “Closed” bucket. Files can be “Reopened” by clicking the "Tools" button and selecting “Reopen”. This will move the file from “Closed” back to “Reviewed”



Looking to send a Criminal Record Check and/or eReference check? Click here for instructions!

eReference Check (per candidate, up to 5 references)    $21.00

Basic Criminal Record Check with identity verification   $24.00

Enhanced Criminal Record Check with identity verification $29.00

Have questions? Please call 1-888-660-2424 or email

Already have a background Screening Account? You can also chat to a ScreeningCanada Team Member by clicking the Red Chat Button
located on the Files Dashboard

Chat Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 9:00 pm EDT
Saturday and Sunday - 10:00 am - 6:00 pm EDT




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