How do I edit my job or volunteer listing?

To edit your job or volunteer listing, please follow these instructions:


Step 1: Login to your CharityVillage employer account.




Step 2: Scroll down the page and click on the title of the listing you wish to edit.




Step 3: Click EDIT at the top right of the page.



ARE YOU WONDERING WHERE TO SELECT/ADD INFORMATION FOR HOW YOU WOULD LIKE APPLICANTS TO APPLY? Scroll down the posting form and select one of the three available options under the heading HOW TO APPLY*.




Step 5: Make sure to click SAVE at the bottom once you are finished.




IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot edit the listing start date once your listing has been submitted to go live.

If you edit the title of your listing, it will go back into PENDING APPROVAL mode. This means your local Account Manager must review, before approving it to go live on our site. 


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