How do I add and manage users in my elearning group?

As a Manager of your eLearning group, you have been assigned permissions to add users, review their progress and email one or more right from your eLearning dashboard.

To get started, follow these instructions:

1. Sign into your CharityVillage Employer account.

2. Hover your mouse over LEARNING at the top of the page and then click MY COURSES.


3. You should now be looking at your MANAGER eLearning dashboard.

The menu at the top left says Manager. This means you can view the Group(s) created
on your behalf and manage them.


IMPORTANT NOTE: To take a course that has been assigned to you, select the drop-down menu that reads “Manager”, and then select LEARNER.

The menu items on the left-hand side will change. Click MY LEARNING to view and take the course(s).


4. Select GROUPS from the menu from the left-hand side.

This will reveal all groups that you have been assigned to as a manager. This page will give you a summary of the number of users in a group and allow you to quickly pull a report. 

For example, if you click to download the Report on Groups Courses, this will indicate who has started a course and their percentage of completion.

Need to send the entire group a message? Click the “Message Group” icon at the right of the group.


5. Click on the name of the group to reveal the following:

Individuals currently enrolled

b) Add user – Click Add User button and then “Create New User”. Once you have added a user, please send them this link on how to access the course: 

c) Message a user directly – just click the email icon to the right of the person’s name to send them a message directly
d) Pull a report on a specific user - If you want to view a user’s report based on a specific course, select the course from the drop down menu under SELECT COURSE, and then click the download icon that appears



Your CharityVillage Territory Manager will set the group limit based on the number of bundles and/or courses purchased.

Example: You purchased 50 courses to be taken by 50 individuals. Therefore, the group limit will be set to 50. Once you reach 50 people in the group, you cannot add any more users.

If you would like to remove/unenroll users from a group or have other questions, please contact your local Territory Manager.

Their contact information can be found here.


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