How do I set up screening questions for a job or volunteer listing?

Screening questions are a great way to help you screen your applications quicker. You could add questions that reflect the true must-haves of your position.

For example, if a person must have a valid Canadian driver's license to perform the job you are posting for, you could ask the question, "Do you have a valid Canadian driver's license?" Or, may you prefer asking open ended questions where they are required to type out an answer. This screening tool will allow you to do just that!

Step 1: Question Set Title - The question or questions you create for a job posting can be automatically saved for a future posting. You can choose to associate these questions with this particular job title, or give another name. For this example, I am going to keep this field the same as the job posting title.

Step 2: + Add Question - Create questions that require Yes or No answers, short answer or multiple choice.

Step 3: View my Questions Sets - If you have saved questions from a previous posting, you can review those and use one or more of them.

Step 4: Skip Questions - If you decide you no longer want to create questions, just click "Skip Questions."

Step 5: Click SAVE to save your job posting and continue with it at another time, or click PROCEED to continue to the next page.



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