How do I search for jobs on CharityVillage?

Step 1: Please go to CharityVillage and select FIND A JOB at the top of the page.


Step 2: Input your your location at the top right of the page (you can add more than one location at a time). Scroll down and to the left-hand side of the Find a Job page, you will notice there are a number of menus that run down the side of the page. These selections are optional, but will help you be more specific in the types of positions you wish to apply to.



Click once to include them in your search = green in colour
Click twice to NOT include them in your search =
red in colour

Work Location options:

Hybrid Jobs - These jobs are flexible in their location (e.g. allow you to work from the organization's office and at home).
Remote Jobs - Jobs that do not require you to work from the organization's office. You might see a location added with a job that is "Remote" if the organization requires an individual to be located in a city or province.
Onsite Jobs - Jobs that require you to work from an office.


Please Note: Any positions you see highlighted in orange are "Featured" jobs, which means an organization has chosen to highlight their job at the top of the search results.


If you change your mind and want to view the latest jobs posted to the job board, click the drop down menu at the right of the page that says "Relevance" and select "Recency".




As you make your selections from the side menu down the page, you will notice your job results changing to reflect your specific search criteria. Click on each job to learn more about it and how to apply.


A)To create a job alert, follow the instructions below.
B) For instructions on how to apply for a job, click here!


Step 3: Once you've entered your search criteria, you have the opportunity to create a job alert.

Enter your email address into the Job Email Alerts box that is located about half way down the left hand side of the page. You can also name the alert whatever you like.

Once you are finished, and click "Send me job alerts." 

You will be emailed once per day with the results that match the criteria you selected. 

If you have an existing Jobseeker account created with the same email address, you can manage these alerts from your Jobseeker profile, located under the TOOLS section.




Please Note: Some jobs or volunteer listings advertised on the CharityVillage website will require you to have a CharityVillage account. Therefore, if you do not have an account with us, click here to sign up. It's completely FREE!

For instructions and tips on HOW TO APPLY FOR A JOB.

Click here 

Have questions?

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