How do I create an Event listing?

PLEASE NOTE: It's FREE to post event listings on CharityVillage, and the listing(s) can be available on our site for up to 90 days, before having to be re-posted.

It can take anywhere from 24-48 hrs for your event listing to be approved and live on the event board once you submit it. If you post after 5pm EST on a Friday, it will be approved the next business day.

Step 1: To create an event listing, please go to CharityVillage, hover your mouse over RESOURCES in the navigation menu at the top of the page and then click POST & VIEW EVENTS.




Step 2: To post your event, select Click here to create your nonprofit event that is highlighted in orange.




Step 3: Fill in the information of your event before submitting it. 

A) Event Title - Add the event title in this field

B) Event Description - Provide all of the event information in this box

C) Event Time & Date - Choose the date and time of your event. If your event is running all day, click the box ALL DAY EVENT

If you have a number of events to post, click Schedule Multiple Events.

D) Event Image - Upload an image of your event from your computer. We do recommend uploading an image, as this can make your event listing more attractive.

E) Event Category  - Choose the event category your event falls into.

F) Event Tags - Add tag words to your event and make it more searchable.

G) Venue Details - Create or find an event venue from the drop-down menu.

H) Organizer Details - Create your own organizer details or find one from the drop-down menu.

I) Event Website - Is there a website for your event? If so, add the URL here.

J) Event Cost - Does your event have a cost to it? If so, enter it here. If it's free, enter 0.

Once you are satisfied with your event details, click SUBMIT EVENT.









Step 4: The next page will confirm that your event has been submitted. You can choose to view what your event looks like or create another event.

PLEASE NOTE: It can take anywhere from 24-48 hrs for your event listing to be approved and live on the event board once you submit it.



Have questions or need to make changes to your event?

Please contact our National Help Desk at 1-800-610-8134 or email

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