How do I create a Volunteer Listing?

PLEASE NOTE: It's FREE to post volunteer listings on CharityVillage, and the listing(s) can be available on our site for up to 90 days, before having to be re-posted. You must be a registered nonprofit or charity to post on our Volunteer Board.

Step 1: To create a volunteer listing, please go to CharityVillage, hover your mouse over LOGIN and then click EMPLOYER LOGIN.

If you DON'T have an EMPLOYER account, click here to sign up for one.


Step 2: Once you have signed into your account, you are automatically brought to your Employer dashboard.

Click Post a Job/Volunteer Listing from the left-hand side of your dashboard OR hover your mouse over VOLUNTEER at the top of the navigation menu and click POST A FREE VOLUNTEER LISTING.


Step 3: Select Volunteer Listing (FREE) under POSTING TYPE. You will notice that the amount of the volunteer listing is $0.00 under ORDER SUMMARY.


Step 4: Scroll down the page and fill in the following information:

A) Listing Start Date - The day your volunteer listing will appear on the CharityVillage volunteer board. Please ensure this date is accurate, as it cannot be changed once you have submitted your listing.

B) Application Deadline - The date your volunteer listing will be removed from the
CharityVillage volunteer board at 11:59pm EST. The date you select can be a maximum of 90 days from the listing start date. Please Note: you can adjust your deadline an unlimited amount of times within the 90 day period.

C) Job Title - Please check the accuracy of the title. It cannot be changed once your volunteer listing has been submitted.

D) Locations - You can input one or more locations in this field. Please Note: some locations may not appear in the drop down menu.

E) If your position is home-office based (flexible location), click this box.

F) Short Description - Enter a brief description of your position. This is your chance to entice people to view your volunteer listing, as this description appears on the search results page.

G) Full Description - This is where you include information about your organization (mission, vision, etc.), the position itself (qualifications, experience [if required]), and anything else that someone should know (number of hours they need to dedicate per week/month, remote or office work). The more information you add, the better. Just make sure you don't add too much information so the person doesn't feel overwhelmed by all the information.

How do you want applicants to apply?

H) Select this option to indicate you have included instructions on how applicants are to apply to your volunteer listing in the body of the full description above.

I) Select this option if you would like to manage applications through your Employer dashboard. This option allows you to track, organize and communicate with applicants directly from your dashboard.

J) Select this option and add a URL if you would like to direct applicants to your website or a specific web page to apply.

K) Job Type - Select UNPAID VOLUNTEER POSITION. Please Note: the CharityVillage volunteer board is strictly for unpaid positions. This includes honorariums, stipends, etc.

L) Job Categories - Select the category or categories from the drop down menu to further define your volunteer position.


N) Organization Focus - Select your organization focus from the drop down menu. You can select more than one.


P) Duration - Select the duration of your volunteer opportunity from the menu.

Q) Target Group - If there is a specific group that is a good fit for your volunteer listing, then select from the drop down menu. If not, leave this blank.

R) Profit/Nonprofit - Choose if your organization is a Forprofit or Nonprofit. Please Note: we accepts volunteer listings from Forprofits if they are serving the nonprofit sector.

S) Organization - If you have more than one organization attached to your account, choose from the drop down menu.


U) Organization Logo - Upload your organization logo from your computer.

V) Save - If you don't want to publish your listing right now, just choose Save. You can access your listing and finish it from your Employer dashboard.

W) Proceed - Click PROCEED to continue to the next page.







Step 5: The Products & Packages page gives you the opportunity to add any additional items before submitting your volunteer listing. Just scroll down the page and select those you wish to add.

If you would like to remove an item from your Order Summary, just erase the number beside the total and it will disappear. 

Once you are satisfied with the items in your Order Summary, click PROCEED.



Step 6: The Review Order page provides a summary of the items you have added to your shopping cart, the details of your listing like the title, the date you are wanting your volunteer listing to appear on CharityVillage, your logo (if included), total amount and the short summary that will appear on search results pages.

If you would like to go back to a page and make changes, simply click one of the circles at the top to bring you to the desired page.

Once you are satisfied with your listing, click PROCEED.


Step 7: You will notice that the receipt says PAID at the top left and at the bottom right, it says $0.00. This means the submission of your volunteer listing has been successful and there is no charge to posting a volunteer listing with us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your volunteer listing automatically goes into PENDING APPROVAL and will be approved within 24 hrs to go live on the Volunteer Board unless you post during the weekend when CharityVillage is closed. Once your volunteer listing has been approved, you will receive notification that your listing is live on the Volunteer Board.

Have questions about posting a volunteer listing? Please contact our National Help Desk at 1-800-610-8134 or email




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