How do I add an embeddable donation form to my organization's website?

Embeddable and mobile-friendly donation forms are designed to make gathering one-time or recurring donations incredibly easy from your website. Just follow the steps below and find out just how simple it is to create one and add it to your website.


Step 1: Click here to get started! 

Step 2:
Once you reach the page where you are required to select a campaign type, click the SELECT  button for Simple Donation Form.

Step 3:
Enter the remaining information on the following page(s) and create your campaign. Don't worry, creating your campaign will not launch it until you are ready.

Step 4: You will then be prompted to review the campaign you just created. Click on the pencil icons to add you campaign story, choose the graphic you would like donors to see, etc. 


Including a cover image and a story on your donation form can make a big difference. An engaging image related to your cause grabs attention, while a short, heartfelt story about your mission and the impact of donations can inspire people to give. This personal touch helps connect donors to your cause, increasing engagement and support.

Use the menu that runs down the left hand side of your campaign to add things like the pricing model you wish to use for your campaign under Payment Processing

Important Note: CharityVillage does not hold or take any money from your campaign. The donations received will be deposited in the payment processor account you add to your campaign when creating it. The platform only accepts Stripe or PayPal as the payment processor, therefore if your organization does not have an existing account for either, you must create one.

Step 5:
Flexible Donation Options

Empower your donors to choose their giving adventure with recurring donations! Supporters can choose the frequency of their donations to suit their preferences and budgets—weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Click FUNDING from the menu on the left and then scroll down the page to where you can adjust the frequency of reoccurring donations. 

Step 6:
Embedding the donation form into your website.

With just a few clicks, you can have the form up and running. Select Embed under the Engage section to the left of your screen. You can choose what you want to call the button and then click on ‘Get the code’


Impact Tracking and Reporting:

The CharityVillage crowdfunding platform allows you to track recurring contributions in real-time and provide detailed reports on donation activity. You can track your progress, monitor donor retention rates, and gain insights into the impact of recurring donations.

Personalized Donor Profiles:
With personalized profiles, donors can effortlessly manage their giving journey. With a few clicks, they can update donation frequency, change amounts, update payment methods, or cancel recurring donations. It’s all about flexibility and transparency, ensuring donors feel empowered every step of the way.

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