How do I add an individual/jobseeker account to my employer account?

If you are looking to apply for a job that requires you to have a CharityVillage jobseeker account, but you don't want to delete your current employer account that is already registered with your email, please follow these instructions below.

Please Note: Any organization you submit an application to through our site will not know you have an employer account.


Step 1: Sign into your employer account here!

Step 2: Click on your name at the top right and then "Create Jobseeker Account"

Step 3:
Click the box to agree to our terms and then select "Create Jobseeker Account."


Step 4:
Select "Skip for now" as you will upload your resume and any other document at the time you are applying to a position. You can always come back later and add information to your candidate profile. This is optional.




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