How can I write a more effective job posting?

A recruitment ad is about attracting the right candidates, isn't it? We want your job posting on CharityVillage to be effective - here are some tips to help you get the most from your advertising investment.

Check the Job Title: Is this a title that candidates will search for? Remember, this may not be the same as what the job is called internally.

Category & Position Type: These fields are used to position the job to potential applicants. If you’re not sure, then please contact your local account manager.

Salary Range:

  1. Put the salary range in the ad.

  2. No salary information may attract candidates with unrealistic expectations and also cause you to miss out on candidates who won’t apply without compensation information.

Job Description:

  1. Start with why. When candidates read a job ad, the #1 factor they are assessing is perceived fit with the job and organization. Fire up your target candidate with a great job ad, not just a job description. TIP: A compelling job ad can make the difference between making a good hire and a great hire.

  2. Job descriptions have exhaustive lists of duties and “other duties as assigned.” Great job ads show the goal and importance of the position, with a few key objectives or tasks. TIP: Try, “The goal of this position is…” Also, 3-5 bullet points pack a punch.

  3. If you were to ask employees in your organization ALL the reasons they like working there, what would they say? It can be everything from purpose to growth to great coffee – have you provided people a reason to get excited in the ad? TIP: People remember tangible images like “close to transit”, “red brick building,” “gourmet coffee”, “Sunny office”, “annual golf tournament”, etc.

  4. Minimize confusion and make candidates feel welcome.  TIP: Include things like what the process will look like. What is the deadline? How will they hear back? Offer accommodation. It is important to be sure you are compliant with your local regulations. For example, in Ontario, AODA requires/will require employers to offer accommodation throughout the hiring process.

Review your job posting through the eyes of the candidate: Ask yourself, would this ad get you excited? Remember, you want to attract great people to apply to your job ad and you're competing with every other advertiser out there for the cream of the crop. Make it count!


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