What kind of events are posted on CharityVillage?

Registered charities, nonprofit organizations, government departments and agencies may post coming event listings. For-proft companies may post listings that will be of specific appeal to charities and nonprofits (e.g. fundraising workshops).

The following types of events are allowed to be posted on CharityVillage:

  • Fundraising: events with the purpose of raising money for a Canadian nonprofit or charity, where all of the proceeds from the event benefit the nonprofit or charity (e.g. golf tournaments, walks/runs, auctions, dinners)

  • Community: events put on by a Canadian nonprofit for their community (e.g. festivals, awareness workshops, free tax clinics)

  • Professional Development: events that help to build the skills of people involved in Canada's nonprofit sector (e.g. conferences, workshops, seminars)

PLEASE NOTE: The following types of events are not permitted:

  • Ongoing fundraising programs

  • Fundraising events where the nonprofit or charity does not receive all of the proceeds from the event (e.g. $2 of every $20 spent is donated)

  • Events that are not in Canada, unless they are of interest to a substantial number of Canadians who are involved in the nonprofit sector (e.g. international conferences)

  • Long-term academic programs or courses (e.g. six-week night classes)

  • Polls or surveys

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