Can I re-print an article that’s published on CharityVillage?

Yes. As long as you do not modify, reproduce, display, distribute or otherwise use any content appearing on CharityVillage for a commercial purpose.

That means if you’re a nonprofit or charity or an educational institution (such as a college or university) you may print and reproduce content appearing on CharityVillage for non-commercial applications (such as for sharing with your board of directors, to include in a student reading package or to use in staff or volunteer development).

When reprinting content for non-commercial purposes, please cite the source as CharityVillage or, and where possible, include a link to the source material in your reprint or distribution.

Please do not copy content from CharityVillage to post on your website, blog or in your newsletter. Include a link to the content on instead, with a short précis or summary of the material if appropriate.

For more information, please contact our editorial team at

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