How do I edit or delete my job alert?

There are two ways you can edit or delete your job alert:

A. Edit or delete your alert via a job alert email.

  1. Open a recent CharityVillage job alert email.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Cancel if you wish to unsubscribe/delete.
    If you wish to edit your alert, click View More & Edit.

  3. Make the necessary changes to your alert and then scroll down part of the page. On the left hand side click the orange Update this alert.


B. To edit your job alert in your CharityVillage account, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your CharityVillage jobseeker account

  2. Click TOOLS from the menu on the left hand side

  3. Select JOB ALERTS

  4. Click on your Job Alert

  5. Click EDIT at the bottom of the page

To DELETE your alert, just select the grey (x) button to the right of your alert.




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