How do I review the progress of each individual taking courses purchased on behalf of our organization?

To get started, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Sign into your CharityVillage account here. If you don't have an account set up, please create one - it's free!

Step 2: Hover your mouse over LEARNING CENTRE at the top of the page and then click MY COURSES.



Step 3:
You should now be looking at the MANAGER side of your eLearning dashboard.

The menu at the top left says Manager.

Click the drop down menu for Manager and then click GROUPS.



Step 4:
Click the icon to download the Report on Groups Courses. This report will indicate each user's progress/status with the course.



What each status means:
Important note: Please ignore the progress given in percentage for in-progress status. Some of our courses do not render properly in the learning management system and will say 0% progress when in actuality a person might be 40%the way through a course. 

Not-started: Course has never been opened
In-progress:The course has been opened, but they have yet to complete the entire course. This status could also mean they have chosen not to take the final exam.
Passed: Passed the final exam with a minimum of 70%. Course certificate is issued.


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