How do I review the progress of each individual taking courses purchased on behalf of our organization?

To get started, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Sign into your CharityVillage account here. If you don't have an account set up, please create one - it's completely free.

Step 2
 Hover your mouse over LEARNING CENTRE at the top of the page and then click MY COURSES.



Step 3:
You should now be looking at the MANAGER side of your eLearning dashboard.

Click the drop down menu for Manager and then select GROUPS.



Step 4: Click the icon under the column, Report on Groups Courses. A report will generate showing each user's progress/status.




Important note: Please ignore the progress given in percentage for in-progress status. Some of our courses do not render properly in the learning management system and will say 0% progress when in actuality a person might be 40%the way through a course. 

Not-started: Course has never been opened
In-progress:The course has been opened, but they have yet to complete the entire course. This status could also mean they have chosen not to take the final exam.
Passed: Passed the final exam with a minimum of 70%. Course certificate is issued.


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