What is the process for filling out a request for a criminal record check?

Step 1: Receive email from Background Screening (notifications@secureonlinescreening.ca)

The subject line of the email will read as: Your Background Screening: Additional Information Required. 

The email will also indicate the organization requesting you to complete the background screening and the date in which you must complete it by before it will expire.

Step 2: Open the email and click BEGIN

Make sure you have you a copy of your Canadian driver's license or other government-issued photo ID.



Step 3: Click BEGIN again


Step 4: Fill in all the required information.







Step 5: Facial Verification ID

Open the camera on your phone to scan the QR code or, enter your cell phone number. Follow the instructions given to verify your identity and submit.

If the candidate fails Facial Accreditation, the manual verification of their identification is automatically added to the search. When this is added, an email is delivered to the candidate to upload their ID.

Once the candidate adds their government-issued ID, the organization is alerted in their account. The organization must then complete/verify their government-issued ID.



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