What are the differences between the two identity verification options for criminal record checks?

1. Facial Accreditation:

Candidates are prompted to take a live photo of themselves, and of their government issued identification (driver’s license, passport, etc). A comparison of the two will determine if they are identical, and the ID will be scanned and compared with the details entered on the consent form. This verification process uses AI to verify the candidate’s identity.

2. Manual ID Verification:

Candidates are prompted to upload two pieces of government-issued identification, and then it’s up to someone in your organization to verify the candidate’s identity. If the candidate has personally spoken with the search requestor, the search requestor can verify the candidate's identity.

Important Note: once the candidate uploads their identification, you must login to your screening services account to verify the candidate’s identity.

How do I verify a candidate's identity once they have uploaded their identification?

Step 1: Login to your screening services account and click on the candidate name to open their file and scroll down to the section called Identity Verification – Manual.

Step 2: Select Verified from the drop-down menu to verify their identity. Select Not Verified if you refuse identify verification for this candidate.

Step 3: Once you have made your selection, please add your signature in the box below the drop-down menu and click ACCEPT.




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